Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Flavors

I've created a new flavor: Caramel Apple! Originally, I experimented with Butterscotch. I wasn't thrilled with the results, didn't have time to fix the butterscotch so I mixed a few things and came up with something new. I took a Vanilla cupcake, filled it with some cooked apples (seasoned for apple pie) and caramel. Then, Vanilla frosting on top, along with an apple slice and some caramel drizzle and Voila!

Having eaten the last one tonight, I'd say I'm happy with them :)

Also, I recently had an order for Pineapple cupcakes so I dried some fresh pineapple slices as the garnish. Leaving enough leftovers for dried pineapple treats to snack on!


  1. oh yummmmmyyy!! puerto rico misses you - we miss you - we miss your beautiful and tasty cupcakes too!! you are a true artist!!! hugs from all of the elkins' family!!